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What to know about Social Media Advertising

I started preparing the documentation for this post with a very simple question (to Google, of course): How to advertise on social networks. It shows approximately 231 million of Results. In this post we try to define 5 lessons we learned and gained with our experience as a digital advertising agency, They have brought us the day-to-day management of campaigns and relationships with customers.

Believe me, we know enough of SEO to realize that you have not come here in search of a management tutorial in the business center of the main channels. However, (if I have a bit of luck) you may be the person responsible for marketing and communication of a company that seeks to optimize and improve its digital positioning. And here i can help you understand how to focus on those resources; After all, while you read these lines there are 21 people in INNN dedicated precisely to that. 

Social media
The simplicity in the management of advertising on social networks is a double edged sword for small advertisers. 

How to make an advertising campaign on social networks

Join me, I have listed you what I know about social media advertising:

  1. If you can do it, Why are you hiring us? This affirmation is part of our decalogue of good practice and in some way marks our philosophy as a company. It is tempting to have an experienced and diverse team to run your own pixel-up or down solutions. We prefer to give answers to your problems so that you can focus on the value you bring in your company. The tactic, day to day, is so simple today that only with a careful training you can apply it to your own team. 
  2. Simple is not the same as fast. Do not get confused, the first idea speaks only of ease in management, but that simplicity is dark and hosts horror (sorry, i couldn't help it). If it is as easy as it is, you forget it is a last link in a much more complex chain, abandon all hope of getting results. Only from the conviction that every plan needs a definition of objectives, an analysis of your audience, do research on what your competition does, reflect on the messages to communicate, etc. you can see green numbers in your scorecards. Repeat with me: STRATEGY.
    "The only ingredient we know that works is the daily effort, the constant test, the click to click measurement"
  3. Let the inspiration catch you… try. In one of the last campaigns that we have directed, there were more than 25 groups of different target audiences. It is not ridiculous to divide by lifestyle which have nothing to do with your product; Believe me that it seems incredible that those who show interest in motorcycles can throw data much more optimized than those who understand indie music in your men´s fashion campaign. Micro Decisions that initially are supposed to save cents, which converts into a lot of money, By the way, it is with these type of things where experts make sense. There we gain ourselves the daily wage. 
  4. This is gasoline, not the motor itself. We see it every day, we learned it when we started exploring the intricate paths of inbound marketing. Only from the generation of relevant content you will be able to capture and qualify your audience, Worry about maintaining an attractive website, well developed and updated, a website that works well containing keywords that attract customers, optimize your profiles in social networks, design an appropriate content plan… and then yes, wet fire to the wick that is paid media. It will help you accelerate the process, and believe me it works. 
  5. What served you yesterday, may not be serving you today. Stay informed. I often hear phrases like “Facebook is changing all day every day”. Of course they do, it is their job to control their complicated algorithms to offer a better everyday user experience to their customers. And yours (ours) is to learn constantly. Again the constant test, the daily adjustment, the analysis of any minimum variation. The marketing department of a multinational that sells in 100 countries… and the self-employed with a simple florist in a small municipality in the south of Spain. We are all able to adjust our message to who we are interested in. But that only works by dominating your tools and their evolution. 
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Every day, every minute is a learning point about what your brand is generating in social networks. They are your ¨average means¨ earned.

So if you are thinking of going to an agency like ours to help you in the management of social media advertising, feel absolutely welcome, a lot of exciting ideas will pile up in your head. Let's enjoy and learn together, so tell us what you think because we are going to do the same thing; We have our method and we love to be faithful to the process, but we also live in the sector of ideas, of the subjective. We set up mixed teams because maybe the daily management is inside your company. that does not change anything.

Read as many of the 23l million results Google generates for you until it gives a proper answer to your question, it is part of our journey, and it is wonderful.


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