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The tourist's experience has changed drastically in the past few years. Industry trends clearly show that tourist destination brands such as the city of Seville, beyond their visual attributes, are built from experiences, differentiation, sustainability, respect and, this is where INNN comes in, a digital and online approach.


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Turismo de Sevilla

A leading city on social channels

Thanks in large part to the city's commitment to social channels and to the character of Seville's inhabitants, open and dialoguing by nature, the Andalusian city has for many years been a popular talking point for social and digital communication, particularly in channels like Facebook and Twitter. Our agency INNN is very proud to have been able to make a humble contribution to this journey that is far from over.

Becoming relevant through storytelling

In 2017, we launched a new digital ecosystem for Turismo de Sevilla. Its crown jewel (or, more appropriately, our Cathedral), is our new website, designed to serve as a webguide for visitors. Its contents, focused on the service but also on stories and the construction of stories, are inspired by higher profile and internationally recognised travel guides.

A digitally welcoming ecosystem

Thanks to our contents and also to our social channels (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter), we are able to undertake content strategies on three different levels:

  • Pre-travel (Inspiration / Consideration / Decision / Booking)
  • Experience (Services / Information / Sharing of one's experience on social media)
  • Post-travel (Building loyalty / Repetition / Recollection)



Seville stands out for its visual identity

Yet a city's brand depends to a large extent on the citizens and inhabitants themselves. They are our primary channels of communication. That is why we cannot forget about the professional sector and different tourist agencies. Our ecosystem takes into consideration channels and contents specially designed for the local audience of Seville. And to encapsulate all these ideas, a concept that summarises our vision: Sevilla Flows.

Treating visitors as people through Inbound Marketing tools

At INNN, we naturally embrace the philosophy and tools of Inbound Marketing and incorporate them into our work. Using conventional paid actions like branding, SEO, and the use of tools such as Hubspot, Mautic, we are able to pinpoint the current emotional state and relationship of each one of our leads (or users) with our brand in such a way that allows us to further develop that relationship in an automated but personal manner by serving more personalised contents, newsletters, discounts, etc.

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