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The role of digital agencies in Spain

Digital marketing wasn’t an illusion

To say that advertising has changed, is not something that you haven’t heard or seen. But from time to time it's good to look back, for example a decade ago, to rescue my first sales pitches, to remember the pedagogical effort we put in at every meeting, in every data of impressions explained and told, in every web improvement applied in favor of usability.

Those were difficult times and not everyone believed in digital advertising and online marketing.

"At first, digital agencies sold our services by educating the advertisers"

The two basic arguments we were trying to use to persuade advertisers were that this form of advertising ensured greater control and greater efficiency of the investment, and that digitalisation would alter people's lifestyle and consumption habits. You had to be there and you had to do it. However, this discourse on the paradigm shift in advertising provoked sceptical reactions from many experts who today do nothing, except avoiding the reminder. (But it's all right).

In 2018 it exists the communication of Spain's digital transformation and the digitalization of the society that we are part of. Words and expressions of a political nature that, at least this time, have much to do with the most undisputed reality. According to the “Fundación Telefónica”, 85% of Spanish use regularly the Internet, more than half, use it to buy products and nearly 70% are on social networks. Spain is the third country in the OECD with the largest fibre network and 4G coverage reaches 97% of households. In this context, what can no longer be denied is that there exists a market for digital advertising

Fibre optique. Digital agencies in Spain
Deployment of fibre optic connections in Spain | “Arthur D. Little Analysis, Euromonitor, IDATE World FTTx Market”, Fundación Telefónica, 2017. “Sociedad Digital en España 2017”

Advertisers as brave and persuasive creators

The advertising sector in our country has been able to get its act together and has evolved in line with the new consumer media. The struggle against old advertising that we are doing for a very long time at INNN, fortunately now is less necessary for greater productivity or creative work. Now there is more time to generate valuable ideas.

The foundations were laid for the agencies, new and reclaimed, to continue demonstrating why Spain has become an international reference in this sector. They are not only awards for our creativity in advertising contests, but the ability to develop digital products that give valuable answers to the business needs of companies. In this case, the sector has been matured.

A modernisation that we must also thank the advertisers, who are now braver and more confident in the new channels, in the new valuable content, in the new proposals that engage with the public; in a certain sense, they have ended up persuading themselves that we were right and they are confident that we will surely not make a mistake when we decide to take steps in a certain direction, because our proposals are backed up by data (at INNN we speak in chorus every morning).

“Behind any advertising award is a great agency... and even a better advertiser”

What does a digital agency here and now

There is no doubt that Spain is a country of talent. However, there must be some science to all of this when the self-managed model, does not work. At INNN we know that our reason of being, consists in generating business solutions for companies that relate to the public in the most competitive environment: the digital one. We see the complexity of this world as an extraordinary opportunity for ideas to flow in multiple dimensions and materialize into multiple products. 

At INNN we offer full services from a team of experts in specialized areas: in Data Analytics, in Web Marketing, in Social Media and Inbound Marketing, Branding, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), in video and spot production, etc. All of this requires in-depth specific knowledge, but also common objectives that emulsify these efforts, that is a strategic perspective like advertisers and communication professionals.

INNN, digital agency Spain
In INNN, ee pay attention to every detail.

Shortly, the dizzying transformation of everything that concerns agencies has taught us that if today is 'this way' tomorrow will be 'something else', and that the key to success lies in researching and innovating, being up to date and knowing the latest technologies, being agile to the changes that we are very fortunate to experience and leading us wherever is possible.

Dani Viana

Dani Viana

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