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The new food consumer

There used to be a time when consumers could only know about a product by retrieving the information transmitted through brand advertisements. Digital channels have enabled the proliferation of new media and online communities that now allow consumers to know even the tiniest details of any given topic.

"We like to feel like an expert whenever we purchase"

When we collect our products in the supermarket aisles we face a 'conscious consumer' who does not conform to the taste. In fact, in recent years the Spanish food purchases have shown a growing interest in health, but without dispensing with factors such as comfort or leisure.

Within these renewed interest we find a new key: a clear tendency to know the origin of the products we purchase, and not for a sentimental or patriotic motive, but because this information is associated with the quality assurance of nutritional food. From this report we also become aware that 69% of consumers plan their purchases before they are even made which makes the previous information fundamental

Buyer decision process in Spain, Ministerio de Agricultura, 2016







    Buyer decision process in Spain | Source: Informe del consumo de alimentos en España, Ministerio de Agricultura, 2016

5 food trends that demonstrate it all

The tendencies in the world of gastronomy (at user level) confirm the tendencies of consumption (at expert level). Let's see which phenomena have been securely installed in our country to the point of changing our purchasing habits.

1. More cooking. The Spanish have increased their cooking skills and reduced the purchase of fast food. According to a study by Mikroscopia this causes consumers to have a lower interest in processed products. 

2. Nutritionists, the modern Rockstars. Nutritionists have become real influencers towards a healthy lifestyle everyone so desires. They provide consumers with a deep understanding of food properties in a society that already relates food to well-being. In this line, movements as Real Food, coined by Carlos Ríos, are a trend in a consumer interested in knowing these truths of the sector.

Real Food, trending in Spain. Google Trends
Real Food, trending in Spain | Source: Google Trends

3. Traceability. It is not enough to know what you are buying, it also matters how you get it to the table. Time after time we become more skillful on the recognition of rules within the food sector. An example that we have all seen is the labelling of eggs. 

Egg marking. The new food consumer. INNN
Egg marking | Source: www.leelasetiquetas.es

4. New ethics. There are more opinions within the market and there is more information available… It has become an ethical consideration choosing the right product. For example, we have the publication Opcions, a digital magazine specialized in ´conscious consumption´. It contains articles that provide contrasted information and authoritative voices.

5. Support for local trade. The tendency to support local trade, both for ethical reasons and for quality reasons, results in initiatives consisting in buying directly from the food producer

Web www.hermeneus.es
Ethical consumerism on food | Source: www.hermeneus.es

All that is gold does not glitter (Marketing Tips)

While it is true that the conscious consumer is a trend, the study also shows that 60% ends up buying much more than what they intended on buying. We then played on two playing fields, before and during the purchase itself.

  • The brand. The advertising investment becomes essential in order to have a relevant position in the market, but it also tries to have a good brand image that is build with positive values for those who make the purchases of the households. The big campaigns of the major Spanish food manufacturers demonstrate that they work the emotions of its viewers.
  • The product. Defend the nutritional components of your product and enrich the consumer experience by offering alternatives for consumers. This should be the main advantage that local product manufacturers should exploit, by having fresh food and and the sympathy of those who feel close to the product.
  • The point of sale. Let's not forget to take care of the power of persuasion that generates a good strategy of actions at the point of sale. which should be oriented to the final consumer recognizing our brand and enrich the value of the product.
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