Stella Iberia: The perfect campaign for the perfect ice cream

The brand Stella Iberia produces a variety of ingredients for ice creams. Their bases, syrups, and toppings can be found in many of the cones and tubs that are consumed every day. One of Stella's (sweet) responsibilities is to decide every year which flavours will be showcased in shop windows and on ice cream counters around the country.

In 2018, Stella decided to use objective data as sole criteria for its annual selection, data which it gathered by surveying customers in its clients' ice cream parlours. Our mission was to help carry out the survey in all participating ice cream parlors during high season, starting from the creative concept for the survey, through production of the required materials, right to preparing a final report and analysis for Stella.


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Stella Iberia


What does the perfect ice cream taste like?

The best thing about an ice cream is not just its flavour; it's also about enjoying it at a special place and time. How do you transmit such mix of sensations? We proposed a series of synesthesias matching flavour to experience. The perfect ice cream does not taste of strawberries or mangoes; it tastes like a sunset on a beach or an afternoon by the pool. In turn, the special moment comes to life when tasting the ice cream. With this concept in mind we came up with very colourful compositions that encapsulated the summer spirit, that which leads us to devour litres upon litres of ice cream each year.

Gif animado Stella

Graphic Proposal

We created each composition using a photomontage that blends together a variety of ingredients around a palette of flavours and colours. We associated each one to distinct experiences: an afternoon with friends, a refreshing bath, and so forth. Each composition was made to showcase harmony and movement in equal parts, integrating typography as a graphic element. The result is a vibrant and recognisable graphic line that unifies all the pieces of the campaign and transmits its spirit: fun and freshness at first sight. 


An App to participate

With a campaign focussed heavily on the place of sale, we manufactured postcards, posters, and adhesive vinyl for shop doors and glass showcases and other display type supports for the counters. But the main piece of the campaign was intended to reach even closer to consumers: right in their pockets. An app was created offering prize giveaways in order to encourage survey participation. Gamification is one of the most stimulating and creative techniques available, and if ice creams are also involved, what else can one ask for?

Stella postals

Adaptations and production

The development of the campaign went beyond graphic advertising, and yet it played an important role in the dissemination of the promotion. The image was transferred to the design of signage, vinyl signs and postcards that coexisted with customers and products in the participating ice cream parlors during the months in which the campaign was active. Several dozens of establishments participated the dissemination of the study, which multiplied the number of copies to the tens of thousands. The selection of the supports, the definition of the materials and the coordination of the deliveries of several suppliers required large doses of organization and glucose - we never had such a good excuse to eat ice cream. 



This campaign was built around two main objectives: to achieve a high level of participation in our study of the consumers' habits and to improve the brand image of Stella Iberia amongst its customers. Our aim was to orient the campaign from a branding point of view by developing a sensory concept that could be "tasted" in diverse types of media.

Stella team
Stella process

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