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More Intelligent Analytics and Metrics. Give data a value.

Google Analytics, social media metrics, mailing data… there are many different ways our online actions obtain feedback from the public. In INNN, digital agency in Spain, konw that in digital marketing, everything is measured and controlled but, to what extent it is possible not to get lost in so much data? Furthermore, is this data used in the most valuable way?

With the explosion of digital tools and channels, great quantity of data, which can be collected through the communication channels of any project, is now available for companies of all sizes. Knowing how to take advantage of this data has become a basic competence for professionals in charge of marketing, but it is also at risk of becoming a valueless effort.

Not taking data into account during decision-making is as bad as using tons of data just for justification.

First things first, information vs. data

The DIKW pyramid (Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom) is a way of representing knowledge hierarchy, a resource that meets our purpose and which shows the different stages a piece of data has to experience to become information, knowledge and finally wisdom. In this last stage of the process, the piece of information ends up being actionable knowledg

DIKW Pyramid
ResearchGate: www.researchgate.net

Google Analytics does not work on its own

One of the tools with a higher index of use in digital media is Google Analytics. Anyone who is not used to work with analytics tools can think of them as a chaotic ensemble of data. Obviously, if he/she sees them that way, they will have little relevance for his/her business.

And indeed it is, analytics tools are designed to answer different purposes, therefore these tools need to be prepared in order to go from data to meaningful information.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Ask, collect, answer and decide: metrics are part of a process

Data treatment needs, first, that we establish which questions about our business we want to answer. For example:

  • How many people access my social network posts?
  • How do users reach my web?
  • What can I get to know about my objective public?
  • What do they find or do not find interesting about my content? 

Asking these questions to oneself is the first step towards success when talking about data utility. The key is to identify the issues that will be answered through data. Therefore, the second step will be ensuring that we have the adequate tools (whatever these are) to collect data that can help us to answer all those questions. These can be web analytics tools but also social channels reports, data from an advertising campaign or the results of having sent a newsletter to subscribers.

The next step will be answering those questions we have previously asked ourselves to, and here comes the most important stage, transform those answers into actionable knowledge (for example: which new direction we should take if we find out our users are not interested in our contents).

Data and creativity can go hand in hand. With Google Data Studio it is a pleasure

We already know data is really important if properly treated, but is data compatible with creativity? Of course it is! Here at INNN we make use of data in every creativity meeting.

It is obvious that flooding a brainstorming session with figures is counter-productive, and we are at risk of having an excess of information. However, if we know how to formulate the key questions, we can find solutions to generate dashboards that actually answer main questions, such as, how many users have seen my posts this month? How many of them were interested in them?

The most recent discovery for our process is Google Data Studio, a tool with high growth potential. It is capable of generating reports of “anything you like”, from Google suite tools such as Analytics, Adwords or Search console, to excel documents and databases.

Google Data Studio
Google Data Studio

This capacity of connecting different data sources, makes of Google Data Studio an easy to use tool but with lots of potential, as it can automatize data sampling of:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Data from other campaigns made in excel

Day by day, this tool has provided us with many advantages, such as generating automatic reports and sending them via email by the account executives without the need of design resources.


If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Spain to help with your campaigns, don't hesitate to contact INNN.

Ismael Delgado

Ismael Delgado

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Ismael combines in both, his professional and personal profile, a past/future duality of the world in which we live in. After he studied philosophy, where he specialised in reasoning, he focused on digital marketing and web analytics. His daily professional activity, and that of the team, is full of this fusion: his cultural references surprise both the youth and the elderly. 

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