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How to make a good newsletter. Seven lives of Email Marketing

There are digital solutions that seem to have the ability to reinvent themselves at key moments of their long existence. This is the case of email marketing, a technique that goes back to the beginnings of digital communication and whose efficiency has experienced apogee, decline and even a second youth. Nowadays, with contributions such as Inbound Marketing, we have more methodological foundations to make a good newsletter, efficient, timely and based on data (remember, our work should always be based on the value of the data). 

The newsletters do not have to be sent massively, no. The use of this piece of communication is something that must be framed in a solid digital strategy oriented to results. If a good day we close a newsletter it will be because its presence is no longer justified in our marketing mix or because it does not give us anything valuable from the point of view of the brand. 

Types of E-mails

There are many kinds of emails that can be sent to a certain audience. These campaigns can be differentiated by nature of the mail itself, by its contents and links, by its objectives, by the database to which it is distributed and the relationship with the contacts… Next, we will propose a sufficiently synthetic classification and specify that it will help you distinguish mailing classes:

  • Service of informational shipments. They are those that fulfill an eminently functional mission. They are governed by their practicality, if not by their formal or even normative nature.
  • Selling. Promotional content in its purest form finds an appropriate tool in email marketing. Offers, discounts and all kinds of products arrive directly to predisposed users.
  • Newsletters. They usually have a certain periodicity. They offer content of interest to the user on behalf of the brand, which contributes to generating a relationship that is enhanced by other calls to action and cross-selling.
  • Loyalty. To the contact, we must take care of it if we want to make it a recurring consumer and aligned with the brand. From a reminder message in time, form and tone, to a birthday greeting, there is a wide spectrum of emails that contribute to cultivate affinity and lasting relationships between the public and the brand. 

Engagement and how to get it: Inbound Marketing

In today's digital communication, the discourse of engagement is even more present than the discourse of sales. A engaged user can demonstrate a bombproof loyalty to any purchase decision or any prescription opportunity. Moreover, the conversions of certain actions are often determined by steps taken towards the capture and evolution of the user to the brand, rather than the final purchase of a product. Such user has agreed to enter my database, such user “has bought” my story. 

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that seeks, precisely, to advance the level of engagement of users towards the brand. Previously in this blog, We already talked about the really efficiency of inbound marketing. In a synthetic way, we can conclude that Inbound Marketing will be useful if it is applied with adequate tools and planned within a well defined strategy with some objectives, some phases, some public ones. The idea is simple, make contacts gain closeness to the brand, which, thanks to our content, become valuable leads for our goals. This process of user education is what is known as Lead Nurturing.

As we can see, one of the most interesting aspect of Inbound Marketing is the importance that is given to the content: relevant, value, adapted to a certain user profile, at a certain moment, promoter of the interaction and oriented to convert and loyalty. In an Inbound Marketing strategy, newsletters and other mailings are located exactly at the point they require their presence and are distributed in a segmented manner to each audience or each buyer persona.

Newsletters. Inbound Marketing. INNN
Inbound Marketing takes us to a communication that is increasingly precise and related to the user. | INNN

Continue reading and you will be the master of Clickbait 

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You wanted to get here, right? To the councils that can be put into practice from now on. It is important to remember, however, the importance of ordering ideas, identifying the place occupied by a given email and filtering the unstoppable desired to send a mailing to everyone. This only sends the strategy, and according to it should be the segmentation of our shipments, the content we share, the language we use or the KPI´s with which to evaluate the actions. 

Establishing a minimum common denominator of the quality of a newsletter, we can highlight 6 tips to be successful in the field of email marketing:

  • Correct segmentation of the database. And if you personalize content dynamically (and call the user by name), better than better. For this, evidently, the sending tool that yutilices has to have certain functionalities and the database (very important) properly constructed, without gaps or unequal information.
  • Really interesting news. No good segmentation and attractive design is worth it, if you do not account for anything relevant or what you offer is not aligned with your buyer person. Of course, lying, exaggeration or superficial  hook are very penalized by the public.  
  • Visually beautiful and accurate. The design is fundamental. An attractive design encourages a mail to be consumed, to receive user interactions, to last in your memory.. But the design must always be functional. adapted to all devices (responsive), recognizable in our visual universe and.. enough: less is more.
  • Little text. No excessively dense text spots. The content must be the minimum so that the main idea of each block motivates interest. Expand information in the corresponding landing, or cross it with other desired conversions, but do not saturate the user with too much information in the privacy of your mailbox. The elegance of the content resides in the simplicity and in the total absence of errata or spelling mistakes, naturally. 
  • Landings that meet expectations. The landing page should be a coherent and satisfactory extension of the promise contained in a mailing. If the user has clicked on the link, it is because you have generated a certain expectation: do not disappoint him with a vacuous content, or worse, with an unexpectedly treacherous content.
  • An attractive topic. A juicy subject, the clickbait in electronic submissions. Sometimes, the clickbait seems a pseudo-fraudulent technique to obtain easy visits at all costs. But maintaining a reasonable containment in the very style of the subject, is it worthwhile to deepen their possibilities. Of course write the subject with a short phrase that promise something real, avoid too-exagerated claims and exclamations without justification. Whether through direct interpellation or not, the key is to highlight the most interesting newsletter and turn it into a brief subject that implies need and result, which opens the possibility to an answer.
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