FeMÀS is a major reference for pre-classical music and is a highly recognised and respected event in Seville. To INNN, this web project was an opportunity to propose a design and UX/UI in line with the festival's brand. Aesthetics, design, audiovisual content, and interactive elements at the service of History. 


Visual, Development, Video

Ayuntamiento de Sevilla

FeMÀS’s web development INNN Digital Agency Spain
FeMÀS’s web development INNN Digital Agency Spain

A handheld programme… but digital

The entire project revolved around the idea of emulating a printed festival programme that was elegantly designed, quality-printed, and content-rich. One that would enrich the festival goers' user experience. The main challenge was translating a physical experience to a digital (paperless) format. We created several custom layouts and outlines, always with a responsive design in mind - one that would look good on all types of devices. We added small animations and other elements that a traditional programme is not capable of having: interactive elements, animation, and hypermedia.

FeMÀS’s web development INNN Digital Agency Spain
FeMÀS’s web development INNN Digital Agency Spain

A small big piece of advertising

This edition of FeMÀS rose from a single idea: passion. All communication, promotion, and the festival programme itself were all centred around that idea. Our advertising agency INNN rose to the challenge. We shaped our creative approach around this central idea and chose typography, colour codes, and visual systems that not only matched the specifications but also strengthened and added vitality to the project.

Responsive Web FèMAS
FeMÀS’s web development INNN Digital Agency Spain

Audiovisual material and tailor-made content

To complete our offering for this project, we created custom-made audiovisual and photographic content that reflected the underlying values of the project: tangible passion, or "passion that can be touched". The tone of the text and the content of the programme were adapted to this vision. The website, built to be consumed as an extension of the festival itself, was made to be its own universe within the festival, complete with rich visuals, interactive content, and a great foundation for usability.

Web development of the Early Music Festival of Seville (FeMÀS). INNN Digital Agency Spain

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