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Digital Marketing trends for 2019

Asking us what the main trends in digital marketing will be in 2019 can be as predictable as the New Year's concert or one of those lists of healthy purposes, but not because the exercise is less interesting. At INNN we are very attentive to the technological changes that our dizzying sector continually provides us with. Investigate and bite innovations to integrate them coherently in our day to day is, surely, one of our most recognizable hobbies.

The new year has already started and, with the calendar change, I took a look at what is coming up strongly on the digital horizon for the coming months. There goes my list of the 8 digital marketing trends that most appeal to me. 

Tendencias de Marketing Digital en 2019. | INNN

1. More Artificial Intelligence

Already 2018 has been a very important year for Artificial Intelligence. The integration of digital uses and consumption in everyday and domestic environments has taken a great leap in recent times, and will continue to gain fundamental levels in the normal life of people during 2019.

Home automation devices (such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, Homepod…) are already being implemented enough so that between their functionalities and contents, advertising starts to flow very naturally and (even more valuable) in a very personal way.

2. Voice search

Closely related to the advances in the devices mentioned above is the phenomenon of voice search. As language recognition and processing technologies improve, the possibilities of converting users´ wishes into digital actions easier and with an immediate response grow. In another post I analyzed the evolution of voice searches and their influence on web content.

Crossing voice searches with action-response calls or sales-oriented dialogues is only a matter of time. 

3. Chatbots

The chatbots are one of the most benefited elements of all these technical advances that we have indicated above. As highlighted by the report Top Tendencias Digitales 2019 by IAB Spain, the voice will be a very significant aspect during this year in the field of marketing. 

Companies will give their marketing departments chatbots much more evolved, smarter, more effective in their relationship with consumers. Their new capabilities will make it possible to better retain the public, who will find in this form of communication answers that are increasingly satisfactory and aligned infallibly with the specific values of a brand. 

4. Social Media Trends

More than 3000 million people use social network 2019. That means that more than 40% of the world's population is in the social networks, and of that large number of users almost all also access through mobile. Obviously we can not think of social media as closed environments, but in transversal realities where digital novelties find essential channels for their success. We highlight 6 headlines for this year in social media:

  • The video likes more users. That’s good news for YouTube, which will experience remarkable growth. According to IAB Spain, 95% of internet users of all ages consume online video.

  • The ‘fast’ content is king. The mobile is responsible for it, Instagram is still booming.

  • The interactions? Simple but meaningful. Chatbots are a good example to articulate that immediate and relevant contact.

  • The Social Commerce earns whole. Did you know that most young Chinese people are already shopping on social networks?

Social Media will be more integrated with other services. For example, with WhatsApp (we see it in more detail in the next section).

Usuarios redes sociales

Current ranking of global social media by number of users (figures in millions). Will Facebook lose its hegemony in 2019? | Source: Statista

5. Contents most thought for mobile

We have already outlined above, that the use of mobile has much to do with multiple digital trends that awaiting us this year.

Among these hits are the Micro-Moments. When it comes to the mobile users they are much less erratic than when they are planted before a computer. Your searches are punctual and very practical. This form of use will be an opportunity that brands will not waste to improve their presence (their appearances rather) in terms of CRO and convert consumer traffic into business. The Relevant triumphs, and also the visual and novel. In this regard, Google will incorporate striking video elements into its search results. According to the progressive use of mobile, the agile and rapid assimilation content will be increasingly prioritized. The video in vertical format, finally, will no longer be so reviled

Vídeos en búsquedas de Google. Adveischool.com
Video previews come to Google search results. | Source: Adveischool.com

We have already said that social networks will be integrated to a greater extent with other services, such as the case of Facebook with WhatsApp.
In Fact, the repercussion of Facebook betting definitively on the monetization of Whatsapp, may be valued more accurately from the perspective of mobile marketing. In this context, Whatsapp Ads can be a real revolution in 2019

6. Offline + digital

As the years have passed, outdoor advertising has become more intelligent. This year, more displays and billboards with digital technology will proliferate in our cities. This adshel will change according to different circumstances, such as the weather or even under certain psychographic contents. The power of big data goes to more, and its correct and massive management allows to discriminate the messages that are shown. 

For example, if Betis (my football team) suffers a painful defeat at home, I would particularly prefer that when leaving the stadium an adshel would not talk to me about seeing the whole League twenty-four hours a day, and yes, instead, I would propose to travel to a Buddhist Monastery on the other side of the world. That (or something similar) will be increasingly used in outdoor advertising. 

7.  The ecommerce will dominate the world

This year that has ended, electronic commerce has been out of the main protagonists, and the growth margin is still enormous.

In 2019, online sales will definitely be implemented into small businesses, and will be integrated into social networks as we have already mentioned. (Probably, both intimately related phenomena). Thus, the adaptation of social platforms, in addition to the huge advances of domotic devices, may trigger purchases over te internet in the coming months. We’ll be alert. 

8. Security and privacy

The regulatory changes in digital environments are causing an increase in legal needs for brands. Since the so-called RGDP, which came into force in May 2018 and with respect to which INNN offers a complete pack of services, until the controversial Article 13, important adjustments are taking place in the legal framework that regulates the digital space.

In addition to safeguarding the privacy of personal data and the exhaustive control of property rights, the continuity in transactions through online media will also experience a significant jump in 2019. The monetization of digital activities will be driven by a Greater development of the blockchain. A development that moves towards the institutionalization of the phenomenon, which entails a considerable reinforcement of security and transparency in all these processes and financial ecosystems of the digital world.

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