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How to be a digital marketing agency in Spain and why

INNN’s history began in 2008. The economic crisis was starting to bare its fangs. The digital revolution in marketing and advertising, although we are still theorizing about it, was already a reality. Taking this radical change of the consumer into account, and following the path of other agencies and studios at national and international levels, we created in Seville the digital-creative studio superagencia86. Our idea was clear: the world was changing, advertising too. And to do it from our hometown, with our aspirations, ambitions and international references, but doing it from the city where we wanted to live. It was a big bet for such a young team, in such a different context from that of the classic capitals of marketing and advertising, Madrid or Barcelona.

Our first steps

After we started working as generic brand (and not so generic) for other national agencies, the studio’s client portfolio and the type of projects that came up started to grow, and clients did not only order us their visual, creative or web development projects. Little by little our advertisers, from Seville and at a national level, started to entrust us determining their strategies as their digital marketing agency. We went from building ideas to develop the business strategies that, especially in online environments, are carried out through those ideas. An important change. More responsibility, closer to the real business of our clients. At that time, some of us began to lose our hair...

This is how INNN was born

And that is how INNN was born. New partners joined this project, all of them technicians  who had been already co-working with us for a while. Thanks to them, our technical, visual and media planning features improved. More muscle and brain. But of course, having changed our strategy, positioning and even our company structure, we felt the need to build a new brand. Our promise as an agency had changed. We maintained the spirit of the studio but our scope and services had changed. Hence, with so much affection, respect and excitement, we went from superagencia86 to the digital marketing agency INNN. Triple “N”, to innovate within the innovation idea itself, but without forgetting about the “N” of negocio (in English, business). That is our mantra.

From that moment on, thanks to both, our clients’ trust and our team’s talent, INNN has accomplished a brand and market positioning and has become one of the digital marketing agencies of reference in the South of Spain. As the years go by, we accumulate projects, learning, successes, even some failures; but we still keep our original aspiration intact: being a creative, strategic and technological answer to change -constant, as we know now- in which people, companies and brands orbit everyday. Meanwhile, we learn, invent and enjoy daily. And we keep living in our hometown, Seville.

But no story can be complete if no chapter is left for the future. Even more in the case of INNN, where innovation and risk are parts of our identity (and our naming). In parallel with daily projects, we are currently working on new research and development projects to improve the services we offer to our clients, as well as to enhance our future competitiveness in a changing sector, where the only clear thing is that nothing is clear. While we turn our own website into a tool to work with clients and internal teams, we continue wagering on agile, productive and creative methodologies that enable us to combine our two passions; our family and our work. Moreover, we have initiated new business lines and projects focusing on technology, development and training, areas that have always been part of this agency  but now we count on strategic plans and resources for their development. Our PrimeContent system to generate CMS and unstructured content for different devices and technologies is just one example of projects that INNN is not only conceiving, but also executing on a daily basis.

Avda. Málaga 4. Escalera D, ático. 41004, Sevilla. Spain | +34 955 156 465 | How to get to INNN?

info@innn.es +34 955 156 465

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