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Destination branding, the aim of tourism marketing

How does tourism marketing develop due to the tourism boom? How does the way we tour change due to the new ways of communication? What is city branding? What is tourism branding?

Tourism in the digital era 

The world has never been so wide. I mean, it has always been thought that Internet involved a communication revolution that bridged the gap, brought continents together and even made you see how similar you are to someone from  Massachusetts. The second and most recent revolution, the one relating to digital content and social media, has multiplied exponentially that other dimension represented by Internet. 

That other digital world that we develop expands our experiences, multiplies data, correlates, romances and bad times. That is why I say that the world seems to have a wider bandwidth. All travels that we plan, undertake, experience, ponder are more intensely consumed, or at least longer. 

How to take the perfect landscape photo. INNN Digital Agency Spain
How to take the perfect landscape photo.

Storytelling, a heightened but never made–up story

We had to live up to this experiences adrenaline. Today’s consumer need channels and springs to make tangible and consumable everything that was seething in the world of ideas, in the collective consciousness from consumers and their own mental proyections and memories. When we create a specific thematic and rhetorical universe for a tourism destination, we are answering to different expectations that are floating in the global imaginary. 

Berlin has made a grey history of geopolitical tensions, a main tourist attraction.

Our creative discourse will make the most of qualities that we should enhance in a positive way, and thereafter, the user will find a pathway to follow in order to have a picture of a city, region, country or even a new lost island.  

Positioning of tourism destinations ¡Branding of Seville!

In this sector the competition is undoubtedly also fierce. More and more products and moments of tourism consumption come together and thus, how can we meet wisely the demands of the consumers?

The concept of Big Data finds a wide bunch of possibilities in the sector of tourism. The massive amount of data that digital consumer devices and other interaction tools collect are processed to reach conclusions about consumers behaviour. This behaviour patterns establish different travelers profiles, their consumer habits, expectations and aspirations in such a way that we will be able to anticipate communication strategies to meet the expectations of consumers

As we have just mentioned in this post about City Marketing, how the communication of a tourist destination is done reflects a specific positioning of the city. This will be reflected on its website, in its graphic universe, the style of texts, visual and audiovisual content. Creative material to attract receptor’s attention enhances the appealing of a place, as well as all visual elements that are also crucial when the tourist has to reach a decision. Social media such as Instagram are increasingly influential in this regard.

Campaign #SevillaColors for Seville Tourism / Instagram. INNN Digital Agency Spain
#SevillaColors: campaing for Seville Tourism / Instagram

From INNN we have been working for a long time on the positioning of Seville as travel destination. The main lines for action were defined based on data collected from visitors and their preferences, and from there on, we chose different thematic threads to write about the city. Seville is portrayed to the world by a coherent digital ecosystem  as an open, welcoming, close and connected to people city. This message is articulated through different renewed social media that revolve around a newwebsite

Inspiration to travel in social media 

Social media recreate a life of fame at a individual scale, since our travels do not get a wide coverage but can strike a relevant cord and feedback. In fact, this also occurs in the tourism sector given that almost the half of Spanish travelers see the content shared by relatives and friends as a source of inspiration for their own travels. 

49 % of Spaniards get inspired to travel by seeing where their friends travel  in social media.

Finding inspiration online can be done through diverse channels and can have different impacts. Social media, as well as campaigns, travel portals, destination websites or travelers blogs play a key role in this phase. It is thought that 67 % of travelers of the world look for inspiration in any digital channel, and that 76 % of them look for accommodation in Internet. 

What happens when we are already in our destination? What happens during this travel experience in the purest sense? This phase reveals the growing use of mobile phones in what the elimination of roaming has probably much to do. More than 70 % of Spaniards resort to their mobile phones while traveling as in other time we resorted to scratched travel guides. And according to use trends, using the mobile phone will be unavoidable in all of our communication products.

Tourism Marketing during the phases of the online travel experience

Tourism Marketing during the phases of the online travel experience. Ecommaster.



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