Agro Sevilla | 40 years of success are worth celebrating

Agro Sevilla celebrated its anniversary aided by INNN’s expertise in designing a variety of memorabilia and communications, including the organisation of a great commemorative event. It is not every day that a brand turns 40 and the celebration deserved top quality work to match the occasion.


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Agro Sevilla

Agro Sevilla 40th Anniversary

Digital communication fit for a leader

Agro Sevilla is a leading Andalusian company in olive exports. A few years ago, INNN was asked to take control of the agroindustrial giant's online communications, creating its digital content, managing its social networks and developing a new website. The celebration of Agro Sevilla's 40th anniversary this year was a particularly gratifying moment for both agency and client, marking a great milestone in the long relationship between both entities.

A corporate yet emotional event

The event was designed to showcase to the world Agro Sevilla's successful 40-year long journey. Four decades after launching, Agro Sevilla has become the world's largest producer of olives. A 'miracle' achieved from the very beginning thanks to a phenomenal collaborative effort and thanks to the company's strong ties with its social, economic, and natural environment. Iit was a great pleasure for INNN to be able to communicate this story of gratitude, to unite those responsible for the company's success, and to be part of the shared celebration.

Agro Sevilla 40th Anniversary
Agro Sevilla 40th Anniversary
Agro Sevilla 40th Anniversary

When design is a gift

The design of the materials for the event played a central part in the tribute that was to be paid to Agro Sevilla.


In addition to defining the visual identity of the celebration, scenography, and infographic panels, we worked on the production of a video and a book to commemorate Agro Sevilla's 40-year history. A project in which it was especially comforting to design gifts for the people who have worked for the success of Agro Sevilla.

Agro Sevilla 40th Anniversary
Agro Sevilla 40th Anniversary

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