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Agro Sevilla | 40 years of success are worth celebrating

Agro Sevilla celebrated its anniversary with INNN’s design support and comunication of commemorative pieces and actions, as well as in the organization of a great event. A brand doesn’t turn 40 every day and the occasion deserved a job to match.

Events, Design

Agro Sevilla

Agro Sevilla 40th Anniversary

The digital communication of a leader

Agro Sevilla is a leading Andalusian company in its sector: table olives. A few years ago INNN took over the online communication of this massive agroindustrial company, taking care of the creation of digital content, the management of their social networks and the development of a new website that will soon be released. The relationship between INNN and Agro Sevilla has experienced an especially gratifying moment this year, with the celebration of its 40th anniversary.

A corporate and emotional event

An event like this meant for Agro Sevilla to spread the world about its history and success. After 40 years of activity, Agro Sevilla is the world's largest producer of olives. A 'miracle' achieved from the beginning, thanks to the collective effort and the link of the company with its social, economic and natural environment. And for INNN it was especially motivating to communicate this story of gratitude, to gather the makers of this success and to live a shared celebration.

Agro Sevilla 40th Anniversary
Agro Sevilla 40th Anniversary
Agro Sevilla 40th Anniversary

When the design is a gift

In the development of this tribute, the design of pieces for the event occupied an important place.

In addition to defining the visual identity of the celebration, scenography, signage and infographic panels, we worked on the production of a video and a book to commemorate these 40 years of Agro Sevilla. A project in which it was especially comforting to design gifts for the people who have worked for the success of Agro Sevilla.

Agro Sevilla 40th Anniversary
Agro Sevilla 40th Anniversary

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