Animating the world of informatic security.

Simosa IT is the engine for development, technological innovation, computer and digital support of the Abengoa business group. After a sustained partnership with INNN for a number of internal communication projects, we received a quite challenging brief...


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Another way of approaching the subject of security

To a company that counts thousands of workers all around the world, awareness of the appropriate use of technology and the secure use of software, hardware, and network systems is of great importance. What is most efficient way to warn of the risks of computing in a singular manner? How could we come across effectively with the videos and capture the attention of the partners that Simosa IT offers support to throughout the world?

Luxury brushes... and movement

From the very first instance, we knew at INNN that we had to do something different, disruptive, and unexpected for a company with such a global reach. Not to come across as instructive, moralistic, or as "telling anyone off". From there stemmed a format, a video series, a tone, humour, and an aesthetic, seemingly very distant from the world of technology: cartoon animation. Thanks to the talent of our collaborator, the artist Pedro Alpera, our scripts were brought to life and given a personality and attractiveness that fit the company's statement and were distributed internally within the group through the likes of its intranet, events, and training sessions.

From an image of support to value-added positioning

We gradually managed to recalibrate the image of Simosa IT from that of a company strictly offering technical support to that of a company for innovation, development, and technology on an international scale.


Different materials at the service of corporate communication

And to complete the project, a variety of materials and resources are traditionally needed to help convey this new positioning. Corporate videos, animations summarising achievements and results, training, newsletters, as well as merchandising and internal presentations.

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